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When you speak with Danylo, you will quickly come to understand that good photography is the perfect mix between the photographer’s experience in the field and (of course) his equipment.

Here at Danylo Bobyk Photography and Videography, we believe that having the latest gear which provides the best RAW shots is of utmost importance. Having equipment that outputs great quality before retouching is not only pleasing for the photographer but also gives infinite possibilities of retouching!

Danylo always has three cameras on stand by:

  • A Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
  • A Canon EOS 6D Mark II
  • A Sony A7R III
  • According to Danylo himself:

“The A7R III is simply a beast! It’s the fastest at capturing moments with 42 megapixels of incredible details. Image quality is unreal with the speed of use (10 frames per second in continuous shooting). It also has a precious silent mode for ultimate discretion for moments where sound is not desired. Overall, this Sony has been my first-choice since the day it came into my life.”

When it comes to lenses, they play a big role in your photoshoot. We would even say that they have the most important role. Depending on the lens you shoot with, you will see different results. Some are crispier than others, some are more for portraits, some are just simply better overall.

Danylo has a top three that is worth checking out:

  • The Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 IS L II (#1)
  • The Canon 16-35mm F/2.8 L USM II (#2)
  • The Canon 35mm F/1.4 L USM II (#3)
  • The Canon 24-70mm F/2.8
  • The Canon 100 mm F/2.8 Macro L IS
  • The Sigma 50mm F/1.4 Art Lens for Canon
  • The Sony 35mm F/1.4 FE
  • The Sigma 85mm F/1.4 L ART

“The 70-200mm F/2.8 IS L II by canon is (in my opinion) THE ONE. It’s a lens that delivers tack-sharp images every time and is among the fastest to focus on the market. Everything looks better! The lens works in a way where it blurs out the background and makes the subject pop. The best part is that it’s part of the L Series of Canon. These lenses are weather sealed and made with Better coating and glass elements; they are more durable to shoot in any condition. I guess that at this point, it doesn’t matter where your special day is, the camera will follow you!”

As for the rest of Danylo’s equipment, he’s been focusing on acquiring the best out of the best that exists. From his on-the-go fully loaded Macbook Pro 15” to his Digital Mobile Storage and Portable Lighting Kit, but also his Studio Lighting Kit; everything’s made to make your shots amazing and exactly what you hoped for.